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American Constitution Week

St. James Chapter NSDAR observes this week with public displays in schools and libraries, programmes to schools and community groups, donations to American and British schools of posters, maps and other items on the American Constitution.

Past Commemoration events have included:

Lewis and Clark Expedition - National Bicentennial Commemoration 2003-2006

The chapter has a limited number of educational CDs to donate to American and British schools on request. The CDs include Lewis and Clark Bicentennial: virtual exhibit of maps, artifacts and themes, educational curriculum, commemoration events and travel information, guide to Indian Nations, events and resources, trail state maps, web links and more. "Walk with them and see what you discover..."

Jamestown 2007 British Committee - International Commemoration of Jamestown, Virginia, 1607-2007

The chapter co-operated with this committee to organise and commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first English settlement at Jamestown. The activities began in April 2006 with the sailing of the replica ship, Goodspeed, from the United Kingdom to Virginia. Special signature events were planned through December 2007 in the United Kingdom and the state of Virginia



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