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American Services Support Committee

This committee compliments the services of the American Consulate's American Services Section and takes up the role of the now defunct American Aid Society in the United Kingdom. All chapter members of this committee must sign the United States Privacy Act of 1974.

American Patients Subcommittee

Subcommittee members assist American accident victims, usually tourists, in the United Kingdom. Subcommittee members act as liaisons with family members in the United States, with medical staff and, when appropriate, the American Consulate and local police. In serious trauma cases, our assistance has been needed to help the patients return to the United States or their country of residence upon their release from hospital .

North American Prisoner Subcommittee

Her Majesty's Probation Service notifies this subcommittee of female American prisoners held in British jails. The American Consulate is forbidden by American law (US Privacy Act 1974) to release names not considered to be in the public domain without consent of its citizens. The members of this committee, having signed the US Privacy Act of 1974, are in the same position. Members of this subcommittee also require British security clearance and British Home Office approval as they visit prisoners in their cells and other secure areas of the prisons. Once we establish that our interest is welcomed, we ask the inmate to sign an Authorisation for the Release of Information Under the US Privacy Act of 1974 detailing exactly whom we may discuss their situation with and the circumstances. In informal meetings with prisoners' representatives, US Embassy officials, British Probation Officers and ourselves, the chapter explores ways to meet the needs of American prisoners in that particular prison. These prisoners are usually first-time offenders.

Subcommittee members join in Foreign Offenders Day, which is to raise the awareness of prison officials to the problems and culture of foreign nationals in British prisons.

Allied Forces Veterans Subcommittee

Subcommittee members assist with existing veterans' programmes and make compassion visits to veterans.

Active Military Service Subcommittee

This subcommittee responds when required, such as, during the Persian Gulf War. American wounded were brought to military hospitals in the United Kingdom. St. James Chapter NSDAR members, and the Red Cross, were the only non-military organisations to visit the American wounded because of security conditions.

Military and Civil Ceremonies

When requested by the Embassy of the United States of America, the US Department of Defence or British fficials, chapter members represents the NSDAR, St. James Chapter, and the American community at wreath-laying ceremonies or in parades.

The Royal British Legion

The chapter received a request from the Royal British Legion to assist in the development of a British government ministry modelled on the American Veterans Association. The chapter makes annual financial donations to the Legion and explores other ways we may give support.

The Royal Star and Garter Home

A British charity founded in 1916 to aid any wounded serviceman or woman who served in Her Majesty's Forces including reserves; young or old, any rank, any length of service who is physically disabled. The chapter gives annual financial donations, visits the home and its residents. We remember them and all they have lost fighting for our freedom.



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